Chris Mok


Hi! I grew up under the cool mountainous chill of Tamborine Mountain, where I was blessed to be looked after by a wonderful Presbyterian Church community. As a kid I was blessed to hear the great news of Jesus, in Sunday school and youth group. 

In 2007, I moved to Brisbane to study a Civil Engineering degree at QUT. There I joined a christian group on campus, where God grew my understanding of the bible and challenged me to more fully give my life to Christ my Lord. At this time, I also started to grow and serve at our St Lucia Bible Church (SLBC) community.

In 2011, I started to work as a flood engineer in Brisbane. God used this time to grow my character and skills in different areas. Being involved in Unichurch, kidschurch and growth groups was also a blessing. 

Recently I have decided to take on a full-time ministry apprenticeship with SLBC for two years (2018-2019). I am very excited with this opportunity to be trained in ministry and service at a full-time capacity at church. I'm passionate about investing in younger blokes in our church with the bible so that they will be equipped to invest in others. I'm looking forward to my two years in MTS!