Kelly Light


Hey! I moved around a bit growing up and have lived in Adelaide, Melbourne, America and then finally Brisbane which is now the place I’ve lived in longest.
I grew up going to church and having a love for and trust in God, but it wasn’t until I was at uni that I thought more about my faith and was challenged to think about what does the bible really say and why do I believe it. I was in a really great bible study group at uni in my first year and I remember being really excited when I discovered that I could be sure of my salvation, realising that Jesus had done everything for me and that I didn’t need to worry if I was good enough or if I’d done enough.
I have been working as a Paramedic for the past few years and for the next 2 years I’m doing an MTS* apprenticeship with church. I’m looking forward to being able to spend more time reading the bible with people throughout the week. 
*Ministry Training Strategy (