Oliver Crosato


I grew up in Crows Nest, not far from Toowoomba where I attended high school. I attended a local church with my family and though I don't think I could have explained what it meant, I considered myself a Christian from a young age. In my early teenage years I found a little book on the evidence for Jesus' resurrection and the trustworthiness of the Bible and from the start I was captivated.

I moved to Brisbane after school to study Biochemistry at QUT, where I met my wife Taylah. While at uni I found St Lucia Bible Church which, alongside a uni christian group, pushed me to mature as a Christian greatly.

After graduating I found a job working as a Research Assistant in one of QUT's medical research laboratories. After a year and a half I started to think more about the things I wanted to be doing as part of church, and in the end decided to take on an apprenticeship. I started this, alongside Taylah, in 2016.

I love getting to spend time seeking to understand the Christian message more deeply, and helping others to do the same. I'm constantly surprised by how broad and how powerful the effects of Jesus life, death and resurrection are in all of our lives.