Rodney Weatherhead


I’m married to Shari and have two young kids. I grew up knowing about God, attending church regularly. But it was late high school when I came to understand God’s grace and not just his morality. That is, in Jesus’ death and resurrection I’m forgiven, and this is what I commit to and set my hope upon.

It was at uni that I put this understanding into practice. Being part of the AFES ( Christian group on campus, I grew my desire for more people to know Jesus.

Since then, I’ve worked as an engineer in construction, did a ministry apprenticeship back on the uni campus, and deepened my knowledge and appreciation of God’s Word at QTC Bible College. I’ve been privileged to be part of God’s mission to the nations by reaching out to international students: first through St Lucia Bible Church, now through FOCUS (part of AFES) at QUT.

While doing this, I’m utilising some of the other skills God has given me. Two days per week I serve the ministry of St Lucia Bible Church (the pastors and the wider church) by doing administration tasks. This frees up others to spend more time proclaiming the gospel of Jesus.