Dave Pitt


I’m married to Tanya and we have three children.

I grew up in Dalby, 2.5 hours west of Brisbane, and moved to Brisbane to study Information Technology at the University of Queensland. While at Uni I lived at Emmanuel College and met my wife, who was at Grace College.

Having grown up in a Christian home I knew about God and salvation from an early age but it wasn’t until my second year at uni that I understood God’s free gift of grace and that I didn’t need to earn God’s forgiveness.

Since uni I’ve worked in Information Technology, done a two-year ministry apprenticeship and studied at Moore Theological College in Sydney.

At St Lucia Bible Church I train the Ministry Trainees, help at our morning congregation and run our Unichurch congregation which meets at the University of Queensland on Sunday nights.

I’m also the chair of the Chaplaincy Committee at Ironside State School and a Chaplain at the University of Queensland.

Tanya and I would love to meet you soon.