I have grown up in a family that follows Jesus. Understanding the free grace that Jesus gives to anyone who calls on his name, knowing the security of Jesus’ promise that no-one can snatch me from his hand, and seeing godly discipleship lived out before me have been hugely significant for me growing up under Christ.

I first got involved in youth leading when I was in year 10. My dad used to give me and my brothers money for hot chips after church, on the condition that we offered them to everyone who passed us coming out of the building. Some parents of young people had organised a meeting to figure out how to disciple the growing number of teenagers. As they were standing there discussing the meeting I offered them chips and they invited me along. From there, I started helping to lead the younger youth group and have been leading youth groups for most of my life since then.

I studied IT at uni in Wollongong and experienced wonderful and challenging community living in a sharehouse, and worked in IT for a few years.

I married my wonderful wife Sheena in 2003 and now have three amazing children, Ella, Hayden and Zoe.

My wife and I both did a ministry apprenticeship through the Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) at Denham Court in South Western Sydney focussing on Kid’s ministry. I had never been involved in kid’s ministry before, and grew to really love it.

I studied at Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC) and served as a Youth Pastor in Canberra before moving to Brisbane and joining the team at St Lucia Bible Church in 2015. I reckon young people are so valuable and important, have really valuable things to say and benefit greatly from older Christians sharing their lives with them, showing them love and teaching them who Jesus is, and what it means to follow him.